Bearly Bento

So I finally had a go at using my rice press, I don’t seem to have the knack of making sushi rice yet and the result seems to be a bit soggy, so the poor bear (yes it’s a bear!) lost an ear in the removal process and I had to rebodge his nose and paws, but here he is more or less intact and dressed with a cheese tie. I have to say this box got less ambitious in a hurry, as I discovered I am rubbish at charaben and when wet (there was water everywhere from boiling the egg and steaming vegetables) seaweed is the devil’s food to handle.


In addition to the bear, I did a heart shaped happy egg, wearing a cheese crown (obviously as Mr Kuma is king of my heart); steamed broccoli and carrots and some hot dog sausage that were going to be baby bears until I rethought the symbolism of eating my young; and instead just got decorated with a blob of wasabi and some poppy seeds.





So things I learned about bento today:

1. Wet seaweed is a nightmare to handle.
2. It is impossible for me to boil an egg without getting black hairs on it – today I dropped the egg on my laptop while trying to show it to Mr Kuma on Skype.
3. My laptop is not clean.
4. Once there was hair on my egg it got all over my bento … I don’t care about this and will still eat it but I apologise for the pictures.
5. People who do charaben on a daily basis are insanely committed and creative and I’m not one of them … Yet?


One thought on “Bearly Bento

  1. Ah yes, sushi rice is quite tricky. When to wet…well you know what happens, and when to sticky…it sticks to everything and the doorpost, but not to itself :-P..
    Love the cute egg, hair and all 😉


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