Godzilla Sushi and Panda Disasters …

Another couple of items arrived in the post, so I wasted no time in trying them out:


But once again my inexperience with sushi rice resulted in some fantastically dodgy results. Determined not to make it too soggy, I erred on the side of caution, with the result that while the rice came out of the mould perfectly, it didn’t hold together too well.

Pandas require a lot of handling, because they have a strip of seaweed that runs all the way round. Mine looked great on the board (why oh why didn’t I take a picture then?) But by the time they were in the bento box they had crumbled. One still looks a bit like a raccoon, but they aren’t what I started out with.


Determined to press on I moved onto making sushi – I had prawns and avocado so I thought I’d do a California roll. No rolling mat. But I have tin foil … What could possibly go wrong??

Well I spread the rice too thick, then cut the filling too chunky so by the time I rolled it, it was pretty huge, and it turns out rolling mats are quite useful! Of course my knives aren’t sushi sharp, so when I started cutting, all the filling flew out the other end. By this time I was laughing so I hard I could hardly modge Godzilla,as I named him, into my bento box:


Things I have learned:

  • Long term I am going to invest in a rice cooker and sharper knives.
  • I am going to cut the long strip of seaweed out first and un-mould the panda onto it to minimise handling, preferable in the bento box.
  • My currently bento box is genuinely too small to do this in, so I am completely justified in looking for a larger one.
  • Even failures are funny when you can share them with the world.
  • Even the lumpiest things in life look better prettied up!
  • I love tofu!

Just a quick note – the top half of my bento is leftovers- tofu and field mushroom, pepper and garlic sauce stir fry, that I had made for supper that night.


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