Tea Ceremony

Through reading and research I have found that as I try and focus on one subject it leads me to another. So I am now going to focus on the Japanese tea ceremony and will be posting information as I go. The two things that I have found in common through all that I have read, is that almost all things that were studied and learned did not take days or even months to learn but years of practice and study. Whether it be geisha or samurai or sword makers or fishermen, there was a perfectionist way to learn and do things and I think it had to do with reaching Zen, or total enlightenment. The second thing that I have learned so far as I read about the tea ceremony itself is that it was common to all people. Status, income or social rank did not matter.

Currently Reading:

The Japanese Tea Ceremony by Anthony Man-Tu Lee 1999


Birthday Katana From Happy Kuma

My first Katana (Japanese sword) that I got from Mrs Kuma for my birthday. It has a nice feel to it for a mass produced display copy and I love the sound the sword makes coming out of the scabbard. I have high hopes that a collection will grow over the years and one day aim to go to Japan and watch one being made properly.

Mr Kuma