Thanksgiving and Crochet cheating

I took a few days off from Bento for Thanksgiving. We don’t celebrate in the UK, but I always book time off from work to spend it with Mr Kuma on Skype and this year we had the baby bears too.

So no work lunch means no bento.

It did give me time to finish off the crochet bear I started (see post ).
The orginal was supposed to be a white bear, but my mine was off white to start of with and then got handled a lot while I fiddled and unpicked things and that was before I spilled coffee. So in the end I thought I would borrow from Aki Kondo and make the bear into Korilakkuma as much as possible.


I was quite please by the results, although any one who knows crochet will see I cheated and did a rib stitch instead of a proper single crochet, as I was out of practice.

I am doing the next one properly:



Amigurumi Beginner

I’m and off and on crocheter, and I’ve never really got past the stage of granny squares and little hearts:


But of course as soon as people put crochet together with my love of all things Japanese, I started to get gifts:


So as it is winter and I usually spend winter either knitting or doing tapestry I thought it was time to pick up one needle and have a go.

Of course the book all look a little complicated, so I was grateful to find this blog,where there is a simple bear (and we love bears) pattern to get me started, by the rather talented Mohu Mohu.

Watch this space …