#Samuraimo competition at the Japan Centre

Mr Kuma has been off work a few days now because of snow, so he has had a some time in which to cultivate a rather spectacular amount of facial hair. (To be fair it has been so cold in Michigan that he has been growing it for insulation even when he is working.) So when we saw that the Japan Centre in London were running a Samurai ‘Mo competition to celebrate ‘Movember’, we couldn’t resist.

The idea was to look as fierce or dignified as possible, so we got the kids to help with the styling (well youngest daughter, eldest daughter just died of embarrassment at the sight of his new style, which we found hilarious)

and we decided to model the pic on one of the chaps suggest by the Japan Centre Oda Nobunaga who you can see below. Mr Kuma duly scraped his hair back, wrapped himself in my robe and assumed a dignified expression Which is harder than you think wrapped in a woman’s robe with 3 kids and one wife giggling at you!.


Oda Nobunaga: A formidable warlord during the warring states period, this daimyo conquered nearly a third of Japan. We think the source of his almighty power lies in that thick ‘tasche of his. Reckon you can grow a Mo like Oda?

We tweeted our entry, so you can follow us on twitter to take a look, or if we win, we will do the grand reveal on the blog here. It was a lot of fun and we were very grateful for the chance to enter.


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